Ratecard Meetings Juillet 2022 - Le Touquet

Opti Digital


Opti Digital is the technology and strategic partner for online media publishers. We optimise the advertising profitability of publishers of newspapers, magazines, classifieds, services and forums with our agile and integrated solutions: - A All-In-One Solution: in managed-service mode, for publishers who do not have the necessary resources to optimise their inventory: automatic integration of ads in the heart of content, adaptation of advertising pressure according to the user, late loading, in-view ad refresh, header bidding for Web and AMP, A/B tests, etc. - A Add-On Dynamic Solution: driven by artificial intelligence, this solution aims to reinforce a so-called "mature" stack on which a team of experts is already working internally. In particular, this solution makes it possible to boost eCPM thanks to dynamic multi-SSP floor prices determined by Machine Learning. This solution has been available in managed-service mode since December 2021 and will soon be available in self-service mode. OPTI DIGITAL IN A FEW FIGURES + 200 media: Forbes, Futura, Slate, Entre-Particuliers, Clubic... +70% average viewability rate in crosss-device + 40% uplift ≈ 90% fill rate https://www.optidigital.com

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