Ratecard Meetings Février 2023 - Bordeaux



Adrenalead is the 1st SaaS Web Push Notification platform with an advertising network. Located in Lyon, Paris and New-York, Adrenalead helps companies of all sizes to retarget, re-engage and activate their visitors using Web Push Notifications. Thanks to an intuitive and easy-to-use platform, brands can customize their campaigns and send schedules or triggered Web Push Notifications. We think there is a virtuous path for reconciling the business interests and restrictions of advertisers and media, whilst protecting the privacy of Internet users. Our advertising solution is click fraud-free, brand-safety, GDPR-compliant, cookieless, adblock-free and efficient! Our dual offering gives us a unique position on the Web Push Notifications market. 1. SaaS marketing solution for advertisers Turn 15% of your visitors into subscribers to your brand and get a highly-engaged audience (15x more efficient than a marketing email database). 2. Advertising agency using Web Push Notifications for publishers / media Advantage for publishers: a new cookieless solution to monetize your audience, without advertising on your website. Advantage for advertisers: an advertising network to increase your reach.

Aperçu des espaces de rendez-vous