Ratecard Meetings Novembre 2021 - Paris



Confiant is a cybersecurity startup created through the recognition that the most sophisticated advertisers in the world aren't Verizon or P&G, but criminals who use our industry for their own nefarious ends. These criminals hijack programmatic ads, attacking the user and thus tarnishing publishers' good names. Confiant protects publishers' and platforms' reputations, revenues and resources with anti-malware technology that provides real time protection on mobile, desktop and video. Our goal is to eradicate malvertising and non-compliant ads. This focus enables us to evolve quickly and give the boot to the digital advertising ecosystem's bad actors. We are the market leader and our tech protects thousands of sites and verifies tens of billions of impressions monthly. Confiant believes in the intelligent application of this technology to guarantee protection of all users globally.

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